Covid-19 Studio Protocol

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Before your appointment:
Please monitor and maintain your health. If you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or you experience symptoms such as a high temperature, a dry cough, fatigue or loss of taste or smell, please contact us immediately to reschedule your appointment.

Please arrive alone to your appointment. Due to the available space in our shops and the need for social distancing, we cannot accommodate friends or family.

If you require assistance due to a physical or emotional condition, please let us know before your appointment.

On arrival:
We will take your temperature, spray your clothes with alcohol and ask you to clean your devices and your hands.

You will be asked to complete a contact and indemnity form for our records. If we have an outbreak, these forms will be used to contact and trace any possible exposures.

Once you are at the tattoo station with your artist, you will be given a clean, disposable surgical mask which must be worn throughout the duration of your time in our space, for yours and your artists safety.

As per government gazette for the personal care industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, all our artists are required to wear suitable PPE for each procedure and the artists stations are thoroughly sanitised between clients.

All equipment used for each client is single-use, sterilised in EO gas, or cleaned and sterilised in an autoclave before use.

Please contact the shop for any other information, or questions/concerns you may have.