Meet The Team

From large scale, multi-session projects to small decorative bangers, here at Good Things Tattoo we have you covered, we often have guests and visiting artists popping in, make sure to check our social feeds for the latest news on artists and availability.

Without further ado…

Tattoo Artists

Tamar Thorn

Black & grey, neo-traditional & Asian-inspired.

Sausage dogs & true crime.

Tamar’s rate is R1500/hour.

Sean Smuts

Fine-line blackwork, peppery shading & dotwork.

Gaming and graphic novels.

Sean’s rate is R800/hour

Bruce The Kid

Black work, progressive & American traditional

Old books & foreign tobaccos.

Bruce’s rate is R1000/hour

Hilary Randle

American traditional, Neotraditional & colour.

Bull terriers & forest walks.

Hilary’s rate is R1000/hour

Jon James Case

Sacred geometry, blackwork & mind-bending mandalas

Good whiskey & craic.

Jon’s rate is R1200/hour

Tyler GVS

Blackwork, script & sacred geometry.

Russian Hard-Bass.

Tyler’s rate is R1000/hour

Jerry James


Dave Fury

Shop Manager & Laser Tech.